Family, Music, Neighbours, Spo...
Family, Music, Neighbours, Sports, Church, old and new friends, these are the things that bring people together and just to see your happy faces made my Birthday Party such a wonderful memory. Thank you all for coming and for all the special wishes. -Marion Hodgson More
Posted August 01, 2019
Carman Valley Leader
McCULLOUGH and LORENZ We would like to thank all that attended, gave or sent gifts/cards, and best wishes to, our Bridal Shower at Carman United Church in May. Also, a big thank-you to the generous person who gifted us the hall rental. Jill McCullough & Haeden Lorenz More
Posted June 13, 2019
Carman Valley Leader
A BIG THANK YOU - for the beautiful flowers, baking, tasty soups & visits that have been given to me since my stint in the hospital. Such wonderful friends, I appreciate everything you have done. Jessie Heaman More
Posted May 16, 2019
The Valley Leader
Brent & Maddi would like to thank everyone for the beautiful gifts they received at the Bridal Shower. More
Posted May 09, 2019
The Valley Leader
Kudos to the folks of Carman ...
Kudos to the folks of Carman who donated to "Canadian Cancer Society" recently. Jerry Collard More
Posted April 18, 2019
Carman Valley Leader
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